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Feb 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
. plus. >> i'm scott budman in time for valentine's day. technology and romance. how one company uses social networking and lots of languages to find success. and it's that time of year, the celebrities are out, where you can star gaze along the coast this weekend. >> and good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc weather center, we are tracking changes, the storm system is off shore, we will give you the time line and if you are headed anywhere near the sierra, winter weather advisory in effect, 3-6 inches possible there. i have more on your full forecast in a few. >> a failed drug deal may have led to the deaths dm a building in for eftdville yesterday afternoon. all three men that were found were shot to death. one of the victims has been identified as rallie butler. his mother rented the appropriate at the time that the crime took place. she was not home. there are no suspect ises at this time. we have new information in the death of a millionaire, kumra, investigators are not done yet, ever since the suspects were arrested the attorneys are have complained that prosecutors are n
Feb 4, 2013 5:00pm PST
was tivo'ed over and over. but between the dvr and the second screen, a lot of technology at play during the game itself. there you go, it was the taco bell. >> so beyonce did not cause the power outage. >> no, she did not, she will be coming to san jose in a few months. >> jeff, what do you think? >> hey, i will be there. forget the 49ers and baltimore, i was rooting for janell and her predictions. let's get a look here, the fog that we had today was very thick up to the north bay, and the immediate coast line, but that is fading over the next couple of hours. it was good enough to scour out the fog just for a little bit this afternoon. but, probable what a lot of you want is not the fog for this time of the year but rain back here on the radar and it is just not happening. at least as we go lew the next 24 hours. look at this, san jose, november and december starting off strong with 6.83 inches. and then only nine days with rain in january, that sounds good, but only .69 inches of rainfall. and so there's hope to get rain as we head throughout the month. let's go outside the live hd sk
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2